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10 Easy First Steps Towards Weightloss

10 Easy First Steps Towards Weightloss

Right. Its time to get real. Who loves being lazy? Who wants to lose weight? Who wishes those two sentences didn’t contradict each other!? Yes. Yes. Yes.


Well… maybe they don’t have to. Here are our 10 best ways to begin the weight loss process, without having to set foot in a gym;


  1. Drink… Only water, black coffee or herbal tea (especially green tea). Yes, it may sound drastic BUT you’d be surprised at how many calories you can ‘drink’ in a day. If you switch all beverages to zero calorie liquids you’d be amazed at what a difference it can make!
  2. Find your flow. So I know this sounds a bit airy fairy, but when you find something (non-food related) that you enjoy doing – where time stands still and you get lost in the activity – you stop focusing on what you ate or are going to eat/what you look like/how stressed you are etc and weight loss becomes an unexpected bonus rather than an obsession.
  3. Post it. Create a social media account (Instagram is our fav) and post what you eat. Visually tracking your diet in such a public way keeps you accountable and often helps you make wiser choices. Alternatively, track your diet on an app like MyFitness Pal.
  4. Sleep in the dark. Research shows that the better the quality of your sleep, the lighter you’ll be. And when I say dark I mean pitch black. Use block out curtains, switch off all technology and make sure there isn’t even a teeny tiny red LED light blinking on your surge protector plug.
  5. Eat with smaller utensils off smaller plates. You’ll trick your mind into believing that you’re getting more food than you would if you dished up the same portion on a restaurant-style platter. Another way to do this is to use plates with a rim. As an aside, researchers have actually shown that if you eat off of a white plate versus a brightly coloured plate (e.g. a red plate), you tend to eat less. Somehow the colour red makes us hungrier – which clearly is well-known by fast-food chains.
  6. Spice it up. Cayenne pepper in particular revs metabolism and curbs appetite. Add a touch of chili to scrambled eggs, soups, curries, stews or even your guacamole.
  7. Check your prescription meds. Unfortunately, all the dieting and exercising in the world won’t shift those extra kgs if the side effect of the medication you’re taking is weight gain. Consult with your trusted health care practitioner if this is the case.
  8. Pop a pill. A natural one that is! Good Health Liposorb binds to dietary fats and blocks their absorption, Himalaya Ayurslim curbs cravings and decreases appetite, Boxhall’s Green Coffee Bean Extract with Raspberry Ketones burns fat and detoxifies the body and Sontal Tonalin CLA decreases the amount of fat your body stores and helps you burn calories more efficiently.
  9. Add bulk, to lose bulk. Psyllium husk is a great soluble fibre that is amazing for satiety, improved bowel health and function, lowered cholesterol and balanced blood sugar.
  10. Stand up. No you don’t have to exercise. All you need to do is move more and sit less. If you have a desk job, get a standing desk. Watch TV while walking on a treadmill. Get a smart watch or download an App to remind you to stand up every thirty mins. Play with your kids instead of watching them… Pretty much just avoid all chairs and couches! Challenge yourself to stand as much as possible.


For lazy people ‘baby steps’ is the name of the game. The motivation to accomplish your weight loss goals will increase the more you turn these simple steps into long lasting lifestyle habits. Then who knows, you may even consider getting your sweat on once in a while?!