5 Steps to your Best Valentines Day

Whether you are celebrating Valentines, Gal-entines (ladies only) or Singles Awareness Day, we all deserve a smooth evening. Here are our top tips to have your best date ever:


  1. Digestion in check.

No bloating, burping or cramping should be allowed on Valentines Day. Ever. When choosing your meal, remember to avoid common triggers (gluten, refined sugars, fizzy drinks, heavy cream-based dishes). Most places serve low carb options or alternatives nowadays (can I get an amen?), and you can still sip a glass of wine or spirit mixed with a bit of cordial or water. If you really aren’t able to avoid your triggers, then make sure that you take a Digestive Enzyme with breakfast, lunch, and with your special dinner. This will eliminate any chance of bloating or cramping. You can also keep some Enzymedica Acid Soothe on hand if reflux tends to be your vice.


Preparation is also important. Do some light to moderate exercise in the morning before your big date, drink loads of water, and keep your meals extra healthy in the days leading up to Valentines.


  1. Mood balanced.

Moodiness can quickly kill the romance. If hormones, work stress, or being-a-parent stress is getting the best of you lately, make sure that you are taking action. Some of the best ways to manage your mood are to eat happy, healthy foods most of the time. This means foods that are as unprocessed as possible, and as nutrient-dense as possible (think brightly colored fruits and vegetables), as well as lean meats, eggs and fish. Exercise, creative expression, socialising, or simply taking 10 minutes to yourself are all great ways to boost your mood.


Some supportive nutrients are also useful when it comes to mood balancing. Take Omega 3 fatty acids (we should be doing this anyway), adaptogens (such as Ashwaganda, Rhodiola or Ginseng), or 5-HTP (your serotonin, feel good, hormone precursor).


  1. Sweet tooth indulged.

At Lifestyle Health we always say that you need to have balance. Balance is what helps you achieve your goals. Aim to be healthy with your food choices, lifestyle choices and exercise habits 80%-90% of the time, with 10-20% allowance for sanity. That being said, you want your treats to satisfy you without leaving you feeling ill.


The best way to allow yourself some downtime from your commitment to improving your health, is to have mindful treats. Mindful treats will include any of the delicious desserts on our website (do yourself a favour and try either the Lime Clouds or the Low Carb Orange, Almond and Mascarpone Cake), or darker chocolate dishes. It is still okay to have a piece of regular non-low carb cake or a chocolate brownie however, especially on Valentines when you are more likely (read: recommended) to share with your loved one.


  1. Liver protected.

On Valentines you are most likely going to be in celebration mode. Celebration mode often entails slightly richer food, and slightly more alcohol. This year in particular, with Valentines on a Wednesday, you want to take care of your liver because we all have to get to work the next day ideally without a hangover or indigestion.


Prepare your liver with the right supplements. Our personal favourite is the Medford Liverscript, with a combination of milk thistle, dandelion, green tea, vitamin B1 and n-acetyl cysteine. Ideally take this the day of your big date, and then again before bedtime. You can however also use A.Vogel Boldocynara in combination with A.Vogel Nephrosolid for a total liver, kidney and gall bladder support. Another amazing product to keep on hand is the Sfera Hangover Remedy pack, that you take right before bed to wake up feeling fresh.


  1. Heart happy.

February is heart health month, and so we do need to be mindful of the fact that it is important to take care of your heart and circulatory system. We need these to live, and live well, right? The best ways to prevent heart disease is to eat a healthy diet, do regular exercise, avoid smoking and stress, and supplement with the right nutrients (think omega 3 fatty acids, and coenzyme Q10 to name just two of the many). Blood pressure is another important aspect of heart health, and when your heart begins to race on Valentines, you want it to be because of your loved one. If you struggle with hypertension, you may want to consider any of the following supplements: potassium, beetroot powder or juice or capsules, omega 3, or magnesium.


For more specific advice on heart health, come chat to us at Lifestyle Health and we will point you in the right direction.


Final Thoughts

Valentines is a wonderful celebration of love. We want to feel free to enjoy the day without worrying about issues such as indigestion, moodiness, guilt over “cheat” meals, or the dreaded hangover. Take each of the steps above to free your mind up from health issues, and allow yourself to focus on your loved one.

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