About Us

We are a family owned business situated in the rapidly expanding town of Ballito, South Africa

Established in 2006, Lifestyle Health was born out of an overflow of a long standing passion for all things healthy, natural and organic. The design of our shop reflects this passion. We truly search for the best possible products, with the best possible ingredients to inspire a holistic healthy environment for all. We live and work by our motto: “bringing hope, restoring health”. We firmly believe that it is never too late to incorporate healthy habits to improve one’s quality of life.

Meet the team

We have a wonderful team of friendly, caring and knowledgeable staff whose aim is to make each customer’s visit to our shop both pleasant and memorable. We look forward to welcoming both new and regular patrons into our shop and endeavour to do all we can to assist them in achieving their health goals.

Kim Wilson

OWNER & DietiTian

Kim is a Dietitian with a passion for holistic wellness. She has continuously added to her nutrition knowledge over the years by completing a Diploma in Clinical Sports Nutrition, and studying both Functional Medicine and Nutrigenomics. Kim is here to help you achieve nutritional wellness.

Dr Roger Du Plooy​


Despite being one of our newer members to the team, Roger is a wealth of information. He is a qualified homeopath with special interest in nutrition and nutraceuticals. Roger is a firm believer in taking responsibility for one’s own health and maintaining balance in all aspects of life. He is passionate and enthusiastic when it comes to guiding customers on their road to health.

Daniela Kusel

Administration Manager & Creative Marketing Assistant

Daniela is a vibrant member of the Lifestyle Health Family. She is always organized, cheerful and up for any challenge. Daniela is a true people’s person, and willing to go the extra mile, with a smile on her face. Her creative mind and energy are essential to our team.

Crystal Jade Andrews


Crystal is the newest member of the Lifestyle Health team. She is in the final stages of becoming a registered Homeopath and has gained invaluable knowledge throughout her studies. Her special interests lie in both mental health and hormonal imbalances. Crystal has a hunger for knowledge and truly believes that prevention is the best medicine.”

Judy Martin

Owner & manager

As the owner and founder of Lifestyle Health shop, Judy has over 14 years of experience in the health industry. Having grown up on a beautiful farm with access to home-grown healthy food, she has always believed in the power of natural products to transform your health. 

Xolly Manjali​

Sales Assistant

Xolly has been a beloved part of the Lifestyle Health family for many years. She is always bright and cheerful, with an infectious energy. With a heart for people, Xolly has been known to organize exercise classes and encourage healthy behaviors in her own community. She is an integral part of our sales and administration team.

Margaret Landman

Manager & Sales Assistant

Margaret, affectionately known as Mags by our customers, is a wealth of nutrition information. She is in the constant pursuit of broadening her knowledge to better guide others to restored health. Mags is fantastic at translating the complexities behind various nutrients into practical applications for you. 

Dr. Steven Peter


As a registered chiropractor, he has been in the health industry for the last 5 years. Aside from his training and interest in musculoskeletal conditions he has a passion for nutrition and the lifestyle management of  lifestyle diseases. He is passionate about enriching the health of our customers.

The Shop

Upon getting settled into Ballito, Judy recognised the need for a health shop to truly serve the community. She opened the doors of Lifestyle Health in July 2006 and never looked back. With a heart for the locals on the North Coast and a passion for all things health and nutrition, Judy has cultivated an environment of warmth and welcome in her store. 

At Lifestyle Health we believe that everyone is welcome, and there is always hope for health no matter your health condition. Our well-trained complement of staff in store will always greet you warmly and give you the health and nutrition advice that you need. We stock our shelves with nothing but the best quality health and nutrition supplements and more, and ask the important questions of our suppliers so that you don’t have to. 

We choose products that are free from harmful chemicals, additives, synthetic nutrients and any ingredient that we believe would be harmful to you. You can find all of your essentials here from home and lifestyle products, to specialised vitamin and mineral supplements.

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