Immune Health

Natural solutions and advice for immune health.

Fermented Foods and Your Immune System

If you think that the Raspberry Kombucha Cocktail you sip over a girls’ brunch is cutting edge or innovative, the Chinese actually have a 9,000year head start on you. Fermentation as a practice may not be ground-breaking, but the research around it certainly is. Ancient Fermented Foods for the Modern World Fermented foods have been …

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Why Do We Get Sick in Winter?

From the very first chill in the air, we know that we need to support our immune system to avoid getting sick in winter.

It’s been said that the average person will have 200 colds in their lifetime. That amounts to about 4-5 years of coughing, sneezing, headaches and fevers. But why do we tend to get sick more often, and why are our immune systems weaker in winter? What is it about these months that makes them breeding grounds for colds and flu?

Moringa: a Superfood on our Doorstep!

By Margaret Landman   Superfoods. We have all become increasingly aware of them. They intrigue and captivate us. Sustainably harvested on the hostile slopes of the Andes, high-altitude peaks of the Himalayas and dense jungles of the Amazon basin. These plant foods hold a remarkable concentration of nutrients, intricately designed as nature intended. As these …

Moringa: a Superfood on our Doorstep! READ MORE >

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