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Simple Food Swaps for Healthier Kids

Let’s be clear, kids will be kids. It’s unrealistic to expect them to say no to sugar or refined foods when they are literally everywhere they look. There are always going to be school functions and birthday parties, and the inevitable take-home party pack. Also, the convenience of pre-packaged “kid-friendly” foods is unmistakable.

That being said, there are some key simple food swaps for “kid-friendly” meals that you can make in your home to ensure that your kids get the healthy version.

Why Do Kids Get Sick SO Often!?

By Stephanie Wills

Ah yes, as a new mom I’ve discovered kids get sick all the time… and I mean ALL the time! Even my healthy, real-food-eating, raw-milk-drinking, superfood-smoothie-loving toddler has had his fair share of fevers, snotty noses, coughs, colds, infections etc etc! BUT, as it turns out this is actually a good thing! Crazy right!? Allow me to explain…

Prepare Your Body For Pregnancy Part 2

By Stephanie Wills

Part 1 covered the dietary recommendations that help enhance fertility and prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy. In part 2 we’ll cover the nutrient and lifestyle recommendations. Please note that diet came first on purpose! This is because unless you are eating correctly, all the pills, potions and panaceas in the world wont make much of a difference. A healthy diet is the firm foundation and nutritional supplements are the re-enforcements. Now let’s jump straight in;

Prepare Your Body For Pregnancy Part 1

By Stephanie Wills

Falling pregnant is a wondrous miracle. It is truly amazing that your body has the capacity to support the growth and development of a new life. To give your child the best possible start in life, it is advisable to prepare your body at least 3 months before you wish to fall pregnant. This allows you time to detox, correct any deficiencies or imbalances and build up your nutritional stores. The following dietary, lifestyle and nutrient recommendations will help you do just that. And even better, if you’ve been trying unsuccessfully to fall pregnant for a while now, these steps may just make all the difference.

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