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6 Foods a Man Can Eat to Enhance His Longevity and Wellbeing

Women tend to outlive men. Studies have attributed this to changes in the way our cells handle the aging process, namely telomere shortening. Without going into the complex process, essentially each time our cells divide our telomeres are susceptible to shortening. Shorter telomeres over time leads to accelerated aging (amongst other health conditions). There are …

6 Foods a Man Can Eat to Enhance His Longevity and Wellbeing READ MORE >

Go Further and Faster

Dietary supplements you need to boost athletic performance, and yes they are legal!

By Kim Martin, RD

We may not all be training for the Comrades or Iron Man, but for those who are, there are supplements that can help to take your performance to the next level! These supplements may have significant health benefits for you too.

Made to Move: The Benefits of Exercise Beyond Weight Loss

By Kim Martin, RD

After a celebratory, over-indulgent evening (or weekend) most of us feel the urge (or rather guilt-induced-obligation) to do some exercise or eat a few celery sticks to ensure our waistlines do not increase!

I’m all for healthy eating and regular exercise in order to control weight, but in this article I want to present the benefits of being physically active that go beyond mere weight management or loss.

Vitamin D3 & K2: The Dynamic Duo

Vitamin D3 is a critical nutrient for optimal health. It is synthesized in the body through regular sun exposure. Unfortunately, deficiency is extremely common; leading to serious health problems that impair the development and stability of the immune system, the skeletal-muscle system, the nervous system and the endocrine system.


As a preventative many are taking oral vitamin D3 supplements. But did you know that this may become problematic unless you are getting sufficient amounts of vitamin K2?!

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