How Ann Naturally Improved the Arthritis in Her Hand

Arthritis can be an incredibly painful condition. It can affect your quality of life in a significant way. However there is hope! One of our lovely customers Ann managed to naturally improve her arthritis. Read on to find out how…


What health condition were you struggling with?

Arthritis in the joints of my hand.


How long had you experienced pain for?

Over a year and the pain and inflammation was steadily increasing


How did it affect you with regards to your daily activities?

Use of my hand was becoming increasingly difficult because of the pain.


Had you tried other supplements, therapies, treatments or medication?

I take Omega 3’s and try to maintain a healthy diet.


Which supplements did you use that helped you?

Solgar 7 Joint Support was recommended and the difference has been amazing!


How long did you take these before you noticed a difference?

After just one week!


How has your life changed as a result?

Use of my hand is no longer painful, the inflammation has reduced and flexibility in my hand has greatly improved

Final Words

This customer testimony is not an outlier. We hear stories like Ann’s on a regular basis at Lifestyle Health. Products like the ones mentioned above can and do work well for a lot of our customers. If you are struggling with your arthritis at the moment, come ask us in store about these products and what you can do to restore your quality of life.

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