How Debbie Lowered Her Cholesterol Naturally

It is possible to lower your cholesterol without having to resort to medication. Read how one of our wonderful customers, Debbie, did it…


What was your initial cholesterol reading?

Was just flashing high which i believe is 10 or over!?


What were you advised to take?

Statins – high cholesterol seems to be a family condition.


What made you decide to choose natural alternatives?

Too many harsh consequences and am a recent “natural product convert”.


Which health products did you take?

Red rice yeast, co-Q10 and no flush niacin – as suggested by the knowledgeable ladies at lifestyle Health.


Did you change your diet in any way? If yes, what did you do?

I was never an unhealthy eater but at the same time stopped eating meat and cut back severely on cheese. I was determined to give the natural route the best chance.


Did you make any other lifestyle changes? If yes, what?

Conscious awareness, and also reading up more on cholesterol.


What is your current cholesterol reading?



Did you notice any other positive changes in yourself besides a lower reading? (more energy, sleeping better, general well being etc?)

All of the above… very noticeable changes.



Final Words

Getting your blood results back can be a test for your nerves. However, it is important to remind yourself that there is ALWAYS something you can do to change the results. Medication is not always the answer, start with your lifestyle, nutrition and consider targeted supplementation. Popping a pill will not always correct the underlying trigger. Use nutrition as your primary prevention tool and you will see and feel a huge difference in your overall quality of life!

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