Steph’s Weight Loss Journey

Steph is a valued customer of Lifestyle Health. Her goal was to lose weight and get her health back on track in time for her wedding. She lives in Zimbabwe, so through correspondence we designed a customized health program to help her achieve her goals over a period of 3 months. Steph had amazing results! Read her inspiring testimony below:


What were the reasons you wanted to lose weight?

For my upcoming wedding.

Were there any other health issues you struggled with?

Yes, I suffered with constipation and internal hemorrhoids.

Did you achieve your goals and what were your results?

My goal was 54kgs, which is a healthy weight for me according to my height. After three months of following my health program I have lost a total of 6kgs. This has brought me down to 55kgs from 61kg. I feel that 55kg is a good weight for me, so I have decided to maintain my current weight. Further to this I have learnt that it is better to measure cm loss rather than kgs on the scale. I have lost a total of 15cm off my bum and 12cm off my waist.

What was the hardest/most challenging part of following the health plan?

The start! In the first week I chose to give up coffee completely, going against Lifestyle Health’s advise to cut it down slowly. I went from drinking between 4-6 cups of coffee a day to nothing – it was the most awful 12 hours of my life! My body detoxed from all the caffeine resulting in a massive migraine. However, I was so addicted to coffee so I knew that if I didn’t go cold turkey I would not have broken the habit. I do miss it though! During the first week I was also hungry, so we added in some healthy snacks until my body adjusted to the new way of life. Today I no longer require the snacks and do not feel hungry. Sometimes you also crave sugar, chocolate or a greasy meal, then you eat it and feel terrible because your body can’t handle unhealthy food anymore. The trick is to learn to identify what your body actually needs rather than what your mind thinks it needs. Once you have done this your body starts to crave healthy foods – never did I think I would crave carrot sticks and guacamole!

How did you overcome these challenges?

I allow myself to have a cappuccino on weekends – which I really enjoy. Occasionally I might slip in one or two coffees a week. Sometimes you also just need a piece of chocolate. It’s all about balance I believe. I also received a lot of support via email from Lifestyle Health on days that I was struggling. Monthly weigh ins at home (rather than everyday!) also helped. When you see the results it really encourages you to keep going.

What was the best part?

Receiving compliments all the time! So many people have said that I look fantastic and have lost so much weight. There is also something about a healthy lifestyle that makes you feel great. My body also feels light. Another great thing is that eating correctly has hugely impacted my training in the gym; I have plenty of energy and I am burning fat. I have trained for many years with a personal trainer but it wasn’t until I started eating correctly that all the hard work in the gym started to pay off. Its 90% what you put in your mouth and 10% exercise.

Were there any other health benefits you experienced besides losing weight?

Further to this I feel fantastic, have plenty of energy, am sleeping through the night, am less emotional and am no longer suffering with constipation!

Would you recommend your friends to contact Lifestyle Health for help?

Yes definitely – I have already recommended you!

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