Post Festive Season Detox Tips

Get healthy. Lose weight. Do a detox… I guarantee at least one (but probably all) of these resolutions are on your New Year’s list. The problem is we often stop here; with good intentions but no plan.

So to help you move forward here are some easy post-festive season detox tips:


  • Set a realistic time frame. You know your limits. Aim to do a good detox over a period of time that you know you can handle. And if you’re not sure, ask a loved one for their honest opinion. Even better, have that loved one keep you accountable.
  • Have an end goal in mind. Why exactly are you detoxing? Once you know the answer you can structure your detox plan around your end goal.
  • Get some help. Ask an accredited holistic healthcare practitioner to help you formulate a plan that is safe and specific to you.
  • Track your progress. Write down everything you eat as well as how you feel. This simple act forces you to be mindful of what goes into your mouth as well as motivates you to keep going.

And now for the tips:

  1. Cut the junk. I.e. sugar, gluten, commercial dairy, caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, drugs etc… Anything pre-made, ready-made or convenient and anything with additives, preservatives, colourants, chemicals or unrecognisable/unpronounceable ingredients.
  2. Eat clean. Focus on whole fresh fruit & vegetables (especially the greens), grass-fed meat, fowl & eggs, low mercury fish, healthy fats, organic spices, herbs, superfoods and nuts & seeds.
  3. Rest. Now is the time to be gentle with your body. Relax, breathe, practise yoga, do things you love and be outside as much as possible. Stress is never helpful, especially when you want to detox.
  4. Hydrate. Drink plenty of water to flush toxins from the body.
  5. Sweat. Throw away those antiperspirants and get into a sauna. Sweating is one of your body’s most effective mechanisms to get rid of toxins (especially the fat-soluble ones).
  6. Go natural. From your cosmetics and make-up to fragrances and household cleaning items, eliminate all products that would not be safe to eat!
  7. Supplement with liver cleansing and regenerating herbs such as milkthistle and dandelion, colon cleansing and toxin binding agents such as zeolite and psyllium husk and general health supportive nutrients such as magnesium, probiotics, vitamin C, omega 3 and targeted amino acids.
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