6 Tips For Healthy Christmas Eating

We all know that holiday eating in December is like a marathon. We go from office parties to celebrations with friends, family gatherings and then of course there is the Christmas day feast itself. Not to mention new year’s eve, all the public holidays etc etc. You get the picture; food food food!

Its no wonder that even the most disciplined people struggle to keep their healthy diet intact during this time.

The solution? You need a plan. Simple strategies to help you survive the seasonal parties without packing on the pounds.

Here are our top 6 holiday diet tips to help see you through;

1. Drink up…

With water that is. It’s important to balance any alcohol intake with water consumption. Plus, staying hydrated is one of the best ways to keep from overeating.

2. Move.

Start your day off with an exercise you love. Be it a beach walk, yoga, a trail run, playing with your kids, swimming or cycling; exercising first thing in the morning is a great way to boost your confidence and keep your health at the forefront of your mind. Another tip is to plan events and activities with loved ones, where food is not the primary focus. For example playing catch, beach volleyball, interactive video or board games, exploring new places etc.

3. Add vegetables.

Enjoy delicious, colourful salads and leafy greens with your meal to satisfy your body’s craving for nutrients and prevent over-eating. Not keen on veg? Invest in a full spectrum green superfood supplement to ensure good health throughout your holiday.

4. Be a food snob.

If you don’t love it, don’t eat it. Scan the buffet for foods you truly love and skip the everyday dishes that are available all year long. There’s no need to sample everything on the table either. Choose your personal holiday favourites, find a seat and, slowly and mindfully, savour every mouthful. Portion control is key.

5. Socialise far away from the food.

Avoid recreational eating. The only thing that needs to be stuffed is the turkey,” Maniatis joked. Portion control is important during the holidays when you’re eating and socializing all of the time. After having your meal, stay away from the buffet table so you avoid mindless grazing.

6. Offer to make the dessert.

The sweets and treats of christmas, delicious as they are, are typically loaded with sugar, gluten, unhealthy fats and more… Rather find a healthy version of your favourite christmas dessert, offer to make it for the party, then indulge guilt-free.

At the end of the day, holidays are much more than food and drinks. Delight in the traditions of the season and enjoy the company of family and friends. But if you do splurge, don’t beat yourself up! Just try and do a better job at the next party.

Wishing you a very happy christmas and wonderful festive season from all of us at Lifestyle Health!

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