Stocking Staples for a Low Carb Kitchen

When you first start a Low Carb High Fat diet it is essential that you ‘detox’ your kitchen of all grains, pasta, legumes, flours, high carb fruits and vegetables as well as any sugar-laden, sweetened, artificial, processed, refined or high carbohydrate foods. For many of us this will leave our shelves looking bare!

Aside from a variety of green leafy and low carb vegetables, grass fed meats and wild caught fish, here are some Low Carb essentials to set you up for success:

1. Eggs:

Eggs aAre a great source of fat & protein that can be eaten at any meal, prepared quickly and used in a wide variety of ways. Plus they are cheap!

2. Cream:

Cream is heavenly in coffee, can be added to a variety of meals and makes a delicious dessert when whipped with vanilla and eaten over strawberries.

3. Bacon:

Bacon just makes any meal taste good. Period.

4. Butter & Coconut Oil:

Cook all meals in these two healthy fats.


5. Avocado:

Avocado can be eaten with every meal, is a perfect snack with some sea salt and is extremely satiating.


6. Full Fat Cheese:

Cheese is an easy and portable, perfect way to boost the fat content of any meal, quick & delicious afternoon snack to see you through to dinner.


7. Almond & Coconut Flour:

Almond flour and coconut flour can be used in baking to make healthy breads, muffins, pancakes, cakes etc for when you’re craving your favorite baked goods.


8. 80% (or above) Dark Chocolate:

For those days when you just have to have chocolate!


9. Cauliflower:

This cruciferous vegetable is the perfect low carb alternative. You can turn cauliflower into a rice, a mash or even a pizza base!


10. Full Fat Yoghurt:

Yogurt is ideal for a quick easy breakfast or dessert with berries, nuts and seeds, lovely smoothie base and makes a great snack.


11. Homemade Bone Broths:

Bone broths are a nutritious addition to soups, stews, currys and sauces. You can even heat some bone broth up to drink as an exceptionally healing beverage.


12. Low Carb Condiments:

Low carb condiments such as pesto, homemade mayonnaise, liver pate, nut butters, paleo hummus etc to add flavour and for when you need to throw together a quick meal.


13. Xylitol, Stevia or Erythritol: 

Xylitol, stevia and erythritol are safe, low carb, and healthy alternative sweeteners. You can use these alternatives in baking, in smoothies or even just in tea/coffee.


14. Raw nuts & seeds and dried coconut:

Raw nuts & seeds, and dried coconut are the perfect high fat, portable snacks that can also be added to both sweet and savory dishes.

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