Himalayan Spritz Underarm Deodorant 125ml


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A Himalayan Spritz that serves as the perfect underarm Deodorant. Our bodies are designed to perspire naturally, and this is always odourless by itself. The bacteria present on our skin is what actually causes the odour of body sweat. 


This Himalayan Spritz from Salt of the Earth fights the odour-causing bacteria at the source without blocking your pores. This allows the body to behave as it should.



° Doesn’t block your pores

° Natural ingredients


Size: 125ml



Salt of the Earth

Salt of the Earth is a shop that outsources health and organic products for your simple, yet profound, health solutions. They help ordinary folk make subtle lifestyle changes that have huge benefits for holistic well-being. Salt of the Earth products don’t treat symptoms; they feed your cells, and allow your body to rejuvenate naturally- as nature intended it to be.

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