Muscle Magic 50ml


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A soothing rub for sore and painful muscles.


The Natural Solution for Pain 

Muscle Magic is a fast acting natural anti-inflammatory gel. It consists of 8 natural anti-inflammatory oils and DMSO (Dimethylis Sulfoxidum). DMSO excites the capillaries of the skin which aids in quick absorption so within minutes, your cramp or muscle tension is relieved. It is called muscle magic for a reason. 


Size: 50ml 



Menthol, Camphor, Essence of Cloves MSM, DMSO 



Salt of the Earth

Salt of the Earth is a shop that outsources health and organic products for your simple, yet profound, health solutions. They help ordinary folk make subtle lifestyle changes that have huge benefits for holistic well-being. Salt of the Earth products don’t treat symptoms; they feed your cells, and allow your body to rejuvenate naturally- as nature intended it to be.

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