Hemp Seeds Hulled 850g


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 Alkalising protein-rich seeds 

This ancient food can be traced back thousands of years across multiple cultures where it was revered as a complete food source.

Soaring Free Superfoods ensure that our hemp products are non-irradiated and certified organic, which means they are processed and grown without chemicals. Hexane free!



° Antioxidant 

Contains significant amounts of EFAs (essential fatty acids)

° Anti-inflammatory 

EFAs minimise inflammation so you can do more, easily

° Hormone balancing 

The only edible seed with GLA for better balance

° Immune boosting 

Give yourself better protection from infections

° Liver supporting 

A good source of lecithin

° Brain building 

Lecithin is also known to repair & fortify your brain

° Colon support 

High in fibre to keep things moving on through

° Digestive health 

Fibre is excellent for supporting the digestive system

° Muscle building 

30-35% easily digestible protein to boost you


Size: 850g 



The seeds have a mild, nutty flavour, and are extremely versatile. Make hemp milk, cream and cheese! Blend into smoothies. Sprinkle over salads and soups. Hemp seeds are an excellent superfood for pre- and post-intensive exercise. Recommended 50g + daily.


Allergen Information 

Certified organic 

Sustainably grown 

No fillers and binders

Non GMO 

Non Irradiated



 organic shelled hemp seeds

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