Rescue Me Hangover Pack of 3


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Rescue Me Hangover Pack 


The Perfect Pick-Me-Up

This pack contains 3 x 50ml bottles of Activated Charcoal, Beet Kvass + Fire Tonic and is ideal for those nights where you have overdone it. These three magic potions balance PH, alkalize and detoxify the body. Now get on with your day – firing on all cylinders!



° Helps detoxify after hangovers

° Boost energy levels


Size: 3 x 50ml



For best results mix 1 heaped teaspoon of charcoal with Kefir (a naturally fermented raw milk product that acts as a probiotic) to give your gut maximum benefit. Alternately use natural yoghurt, water or juice. Take a shot of the Fire Tonic and the Beet Kvaas.



Activated Charcoal

Beet Kvass

Fire Tonic


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