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The Fabulous Aire™ Revitaliser Fragrances are selected for their pure, fresh and delicately soothing qualities. The essential oils contain aroma therapeutic and anti-microbial properties which are essential when cleaning, revitalising and sanitising the air. Distilled to the highest standards they can soothe, relax and assist respiratory health by improving the quality of the air we breathe. The swirling motion of the filtering water, unlocks these fragrances and oil molecules, releasing them into the air around you.



° Clearing, cooling and soothing the breathing channels.

° Provides Relief from Respiratory Congestion, Colds and Flu.


Size: 250ml 



The Fabulous Aire™ Leaf Revitaliser uses 5-10 ml of fragrance with 2 litres of cold tap water in its water bowl to operate.  When switched on, the rotating fan and funnel creates a filter of air-purifying spray inside the unit.  A flow of air is continuously drawn from the room, through the spray in the unit and released back into the room.  During this action:


The air is scrubbed clean from pollen, dust, microbes, pollutants and bad odours which are trapped in the water and inside the funnel.

Vapour containing essential oil-, fragrant oil- and water molecules are released with the clean air back into the room.

The released vapours further:

Eliminate airborne bacteria, viruses and fungi

Moisturise and humidify the air in dry conditions

Increase atmospheric oxygen levels

Increase negative ions for relief from stress

Eliminate odours from food, pets and tobacco smoke, replacing them with a fabulous aroma

The result is cleaner, fresher and healthier air to breathe while enjoying respiratory relief from Hay Fever, Sinusitis and Asthma.


The water remaining in the bowl will gradually decrease and discolour over 24 to 48 hours of continuous use and should then be replaced.  The funnel should be removed and cleaned on the inside, once or twice a month to ensure optimum efficiency.

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