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Nature’s most powerful antibiotic

Super potency Lamaria, 6X stronger than regular Lamaria




° Advanced infection support, including viral infections, bacterial infections, parasitic infections, fungal infections

° Adjunct anti-neoplastic


Size: 30 capsules 



Take 1 capsule daily, or 1 caspule 2x daily in advanced cases, or as directed by a health practitioner. If used as part of a cancer support protocol, take 1 capsule per 50kg of body weight with a tablespoon of coconut oil.




 If you have a medical condition, or taking any medication, consult your health practitioner before starting any new medicine or supplement.

Not suitable for use during pregnancy & lactation.



(See nutritional Information)


Nutritional Information 

Amount Per Serving
Artemisia annua (Sweet Annie A3)  24g*
*Organic herbal extract, 100mg extract equal to 1.5g dry herb.

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