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Lexi’s Charcoal Burger Patties. A delicious plant-based freezer staple made with 100% vegetables only. No preservatives, gluten, dairy soy, meat or sugar. 


Size: pack of 4 patties


How to Prepare This Product


Remove from packaging. For best results, thaw before cooking. Product can be cooked from frozen. Add 2 – 3 minutes to each suggested cooking time if cooking from frozen.

– Oven Grill: 10 – 12 minutes

For best results cook under oven grill: place 15-20cm under a preheated grill fo 10 minutes. Cook in oven at 180’C. Place on an oven tray in a preheated oven for 10 – 12 minutes, turning once halfway.

– Pan Fry: 6 – 8 minutes

Cook in a frying pan: fry in a bit of oil over medium heat for 6 – 8 minutes. Ovens and stovetops vary.


These cooking instructions are a guideline only.



Store frozen. 


Allergen Information

Free from: meat, eggs, dairy, gluten, soy

Vegan and Vegetarian



Activated charcoal, sweet potato, chickpeas, onion, oat flour, nutmeg, white pepper, ground flaxseeds, olive oil, salt

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