Vitamin D3 1000 IU 60c


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Vitamin D3 Premium

Natural Cholecalciferol

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Vitamin D3 Premium 

Natural Cholecalciferol

It has been shown that almost everyone is deficient in vitamin D3.

D3 is only found in animal products, not in the plant kingdom, and taking a daily supplement is an excellent way to ensure you are not deficient.



° Contributes to the absorption and maintenance of normal calcium levels 

° May reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis 

° May reduce cancer risk

° Improves immunity, frequent infections

° Cardiovascular health

° Improves lung function

° Prevents bone & muscle pain

° Improves depression/anxiety

° Improves focus and concentration

° Prevents fatigue

° Prevents excess sweating

° Speeds wound healing


Size: 60 capsules 



Take 1 capsule daily at mealtimes, or as directed by your healthcare provider. 


Allergen Information 

Gluten Free 

Dairy Free 

Soya Free

Sugar Free 

Capsules are Halaal and Kosher Certified



Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage 

Keep out of reach of children 



See nutritional information 


Nutritional Information 

Each capsule contains: 

Per Serving
Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol)1000iu 




Sally Ann Creed

Sally Ann Creed is a leading clinical nutritionist and product developer. Her products are designed to bring about health and healing in the body. From pantry staples to vitamin and mineral supplements, she supplies only the highest quality products for you and your family.

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