Dewormer & Anti-Parasitic Elixir 50ml


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Natural dewormer and anti-parasitic formula
Enhances optimal digestive function.
Balances the intestinal biome.


Human intestinal parasites include protozoans and helminths. Protozoans are single cellular organisms that parasitise humans. Helminths include the various intestinal worms that parasitise humans. These parasites can cause symptoms if they are left to colonise the human gastrointestinal tract unchecked. They interfere with a healthy gut biome, negatively affecting your ability to digest food and assimilate vital nutrients. Digestive discomfort, bloating and various nutritional deficiencies are noted effects of unchecked parasitic infections. It is a good practice to deworm and parasite cleanse annually or as needed.

African wormwood (Artemisia afra) is an aromatic bitter herb that has a documented history of use throughout Africa where it occurs naturally. African wormwood is named for its powerful antiparasitic action, being used to effectively treat infestations of intestinal worms and protozoans. It has been used effectively for centuries in the treatment and prevention of many infections, including malaria, colds and influenza, and the associated symptoms of fever, coughs and headaches. African wormwood has the added benefit of improving overall digestive and immune function.

Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) glycerate. Mugwort is a bitter digestive tonic, used in this formula for its ability to help the body expel worms and to restore optimal digestive system function.

Fermented garlic in raw honey combines two super-charged ingredients that are both well known for their antibacterial and antiviral properties. Mixed together and fermented, these two ingredients have double the potency, improving digestion, lowering cholesterol and keeping your cardiovascular system toned and healthy.

All plants used in these formulations are grown on the Plantceuticals farm and extracted without the use of chemicals. The growing methods are inspired by the principles of permaculture and natural farming, honouring biodiversity and the beneficial elements of the natural environment to enhance the medicinal values of the plants.



  • Natural dewormer and anti-parasitic formula
  • Enhances optimal digestive function.
  • Balances the intestinal biome.


Size: 50ml



Start dosing on a full moon and continue dosing until the following full moon.

Adults: 30 drops/2ml/0.07oz twice or thrice before meal.

Children over two years of age: half the dose.

The product can also be diluted in water if preferred.



There is no one size fits all with plant remedies. Users are encouraged to find their own sweet spot when using natural remedies. With all remedies it is recommended to take periodic breaks from use.

Please note that anyone who is pregnant, nursing, chronically ill, elderly or under the age of 18 (eighteen) must discuss the use of these Products with a physician prior to consumption and/or use.




Herbal tinctures: Artemisia afra on food grade alcohol and distilled water. Fermented Allium sativum and raw honey.

Vegetable glycerate: Artemisia vulgaris.

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