Melcura Melladerm Plus Phyto 50g


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Honey-based wound ointment
Known for its high honey content and additional oils that individually help with wound healing.

Used On:

Chronic and/or bacterially contaminated superficial and acute wounds:

  • Cuts
  • Abrasions
  • Donor sites
  • Postoperative/surgical wounds
  • Superficial and partial thickness burns (1st & 2nd degree)
  • Pressure wounds
  • Venous ulcers
  • arterial ulcers
  • Diabetic wounds
  • Oncologic wounds (to help deodorise and debride)
  • Colonised acute wounds

Due to the higher honey content the ointment will particularly aid wounds needing cleansing/debridement.



  • Contains medical-grade Fynbos honey.
  • Packed with active ingredients.
  • Applicable for all types of wounds – particularly those needing cleansing and deodorising.
  • Protection against bacterial proliferation.
  • Stimulates wound healing.


Size: 50g



  1. Clean wound of dirt, bacteria, and visible particles using soap and water.
  2. Apply a layer of HoneyPlus, either, directly onto wound, or onto a gauze dressing (ProcovaPT) and then apply onto wound.
  3. Protect wound from external influences like dirt and bacteria to enable undisturbed healing. Cover wound with secondary bandages.
  4. Reapply if the HoneyPlus has been absorbed – every one to three days. Repeat regularly until healing is completed.



This wound ointment is packed with wound healing ingredients.

Fynbos honey
Calendula oil
Cod liver oil
Aloe vera
Zinc oxide
Vitamin C
Vitamin E





Your Trusted Wound Care Choice Melcura™ Honey should be a staple in your first-aid kit! Melcura™ Wound Care is a great all-rounder for your first-aid kit. Their Medical-grade honey products have been used as a treatment for wounds of all kinds. It is a multifunctional fighter in this age of resistance to antibiotics.

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