Pegasus Fluid Imbalance 6c


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A homeopathic remedy that helps to re-distribute and balance fluids throughout the body.


A homeopathic remedy that helps to re-distribute and balance fluids throughout the body.

Should diuresis (fluid loss) be required, it has a diuretic effect otherwise it will hold on to water, distributing is as needed.



° It is useful for fluid retention or oedema, swollen feet during flights as well as dehydration due to vomiting & diarrhoea, profuse sweating or heat stroke.

° Useful for endurance athletes in prevention & treatment of dehydration (can add injury 6c for muscle soreness and stiffness).


Size: 6 pillules



One dose is 3-5 pillules sucked under the tongue in a clean mouth.

This applies to adults, children and animals alike.

In acute cases of dehydration, dose every hour for 3 doses then 4-6 hourly until stable.

For oedema, swollen feet etc., dose 3 times daily as required for 3-5 days.



As a general rule, if a positive response has not been seen within 24-48 hours, please consult with your homeopathic practitioner or your General Practitioner.



Apis mellifica 6c – Excessive watery swelling.

China officinalis 6c – Corrects debility of exhaustion from loss of vital fluids i.e. rehydrates

Natrum muriaticum 6c – Redistributes water throughout the body to where it is needed e.g. in heat exhaustion to the brain, in constipation to the colon.

Natrum phosphoricum 6c – Balances acid/alkaline ratio in the body, helps in water retention.

Natrum sulphuricum 6c – Eliminates excess fluid.



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