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THRESHHold® contains OptiMSM®, which is the purest and most tested MSM available. THRESHHold® is organically bonded sulphur which assists with chronic and/or exercise associated pain.



Assists with Chronic pain in the following way:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Assists in the temporary relief of pain, swelling, redness, inflammation and difficult mobility of joints in patients with arthritis
  • Improves range of motion and physical function in arthritic patients

Assists with Exercise-Associated pain in the following way:

  • Supports recovery from exercise
  • Reduces post exercise muscle soreness and joint pain


Size: 120 tablets



Adults and adolescents 12 and over:

Joints support and relief of symptoms associated with pain, inflammation and arthritis:
3-6 tablets per day, depending on intensity and/or severity of symptoms

General maintenance and/or support:
2 tablets per day (once relief of symptom is achieved)

To promote exercise recovery and prevent post exercise soreness:
3 tablets per day

Children 6-12 years:
For arthritis, inflammatory conditions and exercise associated pain:
1 tablet daily (the tablet may be dissolved/crushed and added to water or food)



Published studies have shown MSM to be safe for human and animal use even at large dosage levels. There are no known significant adverse effects or drug interactions.

Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should always consult with their physician before taking any supplement or medication, however there are no known side effects from use of MSM immediately prior to and during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Q: I am allergic to sulphur. Can I take MSM?
Strictly speaking, the concept of a “sulphur allergy” is a misconception: sulphur is an element, the third most abundant mineral in the human body. It’s not possible to be allergic to sulphur because it has no protein component. When people say they are “allergic to sulphur”, what they really mean is that they are allergic or sensitive to certain sulphur-containing substances, most notably to sulfa antibiotics (sulfonamides) or to sulfites (preservatives used in wines and some foods), or to foods with a high sulphur content (broccoli or cauliflower).
Many individuals with allergies to sulfa drugs or to sulfites do not experience problems taking MSM, because apart from sulphur, MSM bears no relation to these substances.



Allergen Information

Contains lactose



Each tablet contains 1000mg Methylsulfonylmethane (OptiMSM®)

Lactose (inactive ingredient)

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