Peaceful Summer Moisturising Tumbler 220ml


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Peaceful Summer Tumbler Candle 220ml with Citronella, Lemongrass & Lavender


Peaceful summer tumblr 220ml with citronella, lemongrass and lavender 

Popular with chefs and outdoors enthusiasts, Peaceful Summer is a fresh blend that effectively repels mozzies away from your body, and repels flies away from the dinner table. This blend is also a great way to get rid of odours in your home or office.


Safe to apply directly to skin as a repellent body oil – 50 Hours burn time



° Naturally rich in Vitamin E and Lecithin

° 50% longer burning time when compared to regular candles

° The clean soy wax oil is suitable to be applied to a person’s skin and highly moisturising


Size: 220ml


Allergen Informaiton

No synthetic additives or petroleum materials such as paraffin wax






Soy Lites

SoyLites is a business with heart and soul. They are South Africa’s market leading manufacturers in green-friendly soy based candles and natural products – good for you and the environment. Soy Lites source only the finest quality natural ingredients and do not compromise the quality of our products with any hidden additives. Soy Lites vision of contributing towards innovative solutions and sustainable products, in light of environmental concerns, is core to their business ethic. They do not use any raw materials that contribute to the deforestation of the Amazon and their soy is guaranteed to contain no genetically modified materials. Soy Lites long burning candles are perfect for gifting, décor and for innovative body care.

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