Euphorbium Compositum Nasal Spray 20ml


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Euphorbium comp.® is an effective and scientifically proven anti-inflammatory and antiviral nasal spray. It is suited for the treatment of nasal congestion, rhinitis of various origins, acute and chronic sinusitis, chronic nasal discharge, dry and inflamed nasal membranes, and the various cold and flu nasal symptoms.


° An effective alternative to conventional nasal sprays

° Scientifically proven antiviral properties

° Clinically demonstrated efficacy

° May be combined with other natural or conventional medication

° Extremely well tolerated*

° May be used in acute as well as in chronic conditions

° Effective solution to help alleviate symptoms during the weaning off of corticosteroïd nasal sprays (decongestants)

° Appropriate for long-term use

° Non habit-forming nor addictive

° Suitable and effective for the entire family (children 2 years and up)

* Euphorbium comp.® is contra-indicated in individuals with hypersensitivity to benzalkonium chloride and may cause allergic reactions in isolated cases. In very rare cases bronchospasms may occur in predisposed asthmatic patients.



Effective treatment for:

° Sinus congestion

° Runny nose

° Chronic nasal discharge

° Dry nasal membranes

° Rhinitis and sinusitis

° Cold and flu nasal symptoms


Size: 20ml



Acute Conditions: Spray once or twice into affected nostril(s) 3 times a day

Chronic Conditions: Spray once or twice into affected nostril(s) 3 times a day



No known medicinal interactions

While individual response to Euphorbium comp.® will vary according to each person’s health status, the severity of the condition being treated, the age, the dosage used, etc., initial benefits should be felt within days and even hours. If you experience facial swelling, fever, strong headaches, or if symptoms persist or worsen, consult a health care practitioner.









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