Caramel Almonds & Cashews in Coconut Nectar 100g


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Native Caramel Cashew and Almonds



Native Caramel Cashew and Almonds

Gently roasted Cashew and Cape Almonds caramelized in our Organic certified coconut blossom nectar. Coconut sugar is a low glycemic sugar loaded with minerals and flavor.

A healthy treat, beautiful on yoghurt, smoothies or as is. The bag has been known to be flattened in one sitting. This product is 100% vegan.



° Delicious and healthy treat, low in sugar!


Size: 100g 


Allergen Information



Suitable for both banters and diabetics

Gluten Free

Dairy Free 



Almonds, cashews, coconut blossom nectar 


Nutritional Information


Per ServingPer 100gPer 20g 
Energy (kj)2054411
Protein (g)17.23.4
Carbohydrate (g)214
     of which total sugar (g)17.13.4
Total fat (g)36.67.3
     of which saturated fat (g)4.40.9
Dietary Fibre (g)7.11.4
Total sodium (mg)34369

* Nutritional information for the product as packed 




Merging nutrition and culinary skills, NATIVE collaborated in making deliciously healthy lifestyle snacking options. NATIVE specialises in making quality products suitable for every dietary regime. A proudly South African company with global influence, NATIVE creates all its delicacies from local, sustainable top quality ingredients. The NATIVE factory is strictly gluten-free and free of refined cane sugars. Our chocolate is made using cocoa bean, cocoa butter, and raw eco-conscious honey. NATIVE promise only the best ingredients that assist the body and mind in getting to where it needs to be and foods with all their life energy present. NATIVE is perfect for anyone who is conscious about the food they put in their body.

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