Bee Breath Balm 25ml


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A decongestant balm for all ages

The Breath of an Angel

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A decongestant balm for all ages

The Breath of an Angel

This balm may be used quite safely on children of all ages and the elderly. Formulated to concentrate on ailments relating to the mucous membranes, bronchi, and lungs, miraculously easing congestion, shortness of breath and calming the spirit.



Assists with 

° Asthma

° Blocked nose

° Bronchitis

° Chest infection

° Colds

° Congestion

° Coughs

° Croup

° Edema

° Emphysema

° Fever and infection

° Flu

° Headaches

° Laryngitis

° Pneumonia

° Sinusitis

° Sore throat

° TB

° Whooping cough


Size: 25ml 


Allergen Information 

100% Natural 



Beeswax contains Vitamin E

*Do not place within the eye – beeswax is granular;

*Beeswax contains prostaglandins which are a source of natural cortisone.

This balm reacts against chemically produced cortisone.



Beeswax, grapeseed oil, shea butter, niaouli, rosewood and spearmint oils, plus TLC (immeasurable).



Bee Wise

Bee Wise is a 100% natural product made locally in South Africa from bees wax and a secret combination of quality, natural ingredients. Bee Wise is manufactured solely to produce good.

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