Dry Roasted Chickpeas – Chocolate 40g


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Crunchy dry roasted chickpeas coated in chocolate



Crunchy dry roasted chickpeas coated in chocolate

Dry roasting is just that: dry. There is no oil on the chickpeas whilst they are roasting. Nuts etc are often roasted (or fried) in oil, which adds calories. Additionally, this oil is often re-used; which gives it carcinogenic potential. There is no oil used on this product at any stage of the process. 



° The ingredients are all natural – no funny stuff!

° Crunchy and delicious 

° High in protein 

° High in fibre 


Size: 40g 


Allergen Information 


Gluten Free

Made in a factory which also uses tree nuts, peanuts, wheat and gluten 



May contain the occasional chickpea with a harder crunch 



Chickpeas (60%), dark chocolate (40%), 58% cocoa solids (cocoa mass, cane sugar, cocao butter, soya lecithin*, natural vanilla flavouring) 

* From soya bean shell. 

Enables cocoa butter & cocoa mass to mix 


Nutritional Information

Ready to eat 

Serving size: 40g 

Average Values Per 100g Per 40g
Energy  1900kJ 760kJ
Energy 454 kcal 182 kcal 
Protein  14.5g 5.8g
Carbohydrate 56g 22g
     of which total sugar  22.7g 9.1g
Total fat 19.2g 7.7g
     of which saturated fat 9.7g 3.9g
Dietary fibre* 10.2g 4.1g
Total sodium 40mg 16mg

Method of Fibre analysis 

* AOAC 991.43



Grumpy Snacks

Grumpy Snacks make vegan dry roasted chickpea snacks that are dusted in sea salt OR coated in vegan chocolate. These are for the snackers of South Africa. They hope they make you a little less grumpy too! :)

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