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A simple blend of Ester-C® and citrus bioflavonoids.


A simple blend of Ester-C® and citrus bioflavonoids.


Ester-C® (Vitamin C) uplifts the immune system, but it also has anti-ageing effects. Why? Because it’s an antioxidant. This means it protects the body against the free-radical damage that leads to premature ageing. Not old news, but good news.



° Boosts the immune system

° Cuts incidences of the common cold

° Helps promote wound healing and connective tissue repair

° Helps with weight loss

° Helps manage and prevent thyroid problems

° Great for immune-compromised states like chronic fatigue, HIV/Aids, arthritis and allergies

° Help smooth out circulatory problems

° Helps reduce inflammation, swelling and allergic reactions



Size: 60 tablets



For maintenance, take 2 tablets daily. For infection or an immune-compromised state, take 3 tablets, three times daily, or consult your health practitioner.



Keep out of reach of children.


Allergen Information

No binders, fillers, colourants, flavourants, preservatives, tableting aids or additives of any kind.



Ester-C®, Citrus Bioflavonoids



The Real Thing

The Real Thing Products contain ingredients that are delivered at optimal concentration for optimal health benefits. Their products are all-natural and purified to eliminate toxins, microorganisms and contaminants. They’re MCC-approved and free of colourants, flavourants, preservatives, binders, fillers, tableting aids and any other additives that might dilute or compromise the good bits. That’s what makes them the real thing The Real Thing scrutinised every supplier’s facilities, manufacturing processes and farming methods. They've sourced ingredients that are pesticide, herbicide and heavy-metal free. Wherever possible, they’re also 100% wild-harvested or organic.

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