Jamaican Black Castor Oil 50ml


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Tropical JBCO nourishes and stimulates the root of the hair, for more luscious hair.

Winner Best Aftercare and Treatment at the African Hair Awards!


Tropical JBCO nourishes and stimulates the root of the hair, for more luscious hair.


Winner Best Aftercare and Treatment at the African Hair Awards!


Tropical Jamaican Black Castor Oil, has been used for centuries to treat hair and skin problems, and people worldwide are rediscovering its incredible effectiveness in rejuvenating damaged hair and promoting hair growth for all hair types.







° Thickening and strengthening of hair


° Smoother, shinier and softer hair


° Treatment if dry, itchy scalp


° Increased hair growth in thinning areas


° Growth of eyelashes and eyebrows


° Improved scalp circulation


° Repair of split ends and hair breakage


°  Reduced hair loss


° Improved eczema control





Size: 50ml 







Massage a small amount of Tropical JBCO into your scalp and hair roots each day. It can be left on overnight for maximum effectiveness. Cover your pillow to prevent soiling in situations where you have used the product quite extensively on your hair and scalp.


Once a week, use Tropical JBCO as a hot oil treatment. After applying Jamaican Black Castor Oil to your scalp and hair, cover your hair with a plastic cap and go under the Dryer for 15 to 30 minutes. After Hot Oil Treatment with Tropical Jamaican Black Castor Oil you may shampoo your hair as usual.


Style hair as usual.


Wet hair before use: Water on the hair helps spread the oil easily.


Use less oil: The scalp easily absorbs oil; too much oil forms a thick layer making it difficult to spread through the hair.


To condition: As a pre-shampoo conditioner, apply a small amount of Tropical JBCO to your hair 15 minutes before shampooing. Alternatively, mix some into your conditioner and wash as normal.


If you prefer, you can mix Tropical JBCO with a lighter oil such as olive, jojoba or ylang-ylang and apply it as a sealant over your ordinary styling products.


Mix a small quantity of Tropical JBCO with your normal hair styling products for extra silkiness and shine.


Tropical JBCO can also be used to achieve longer, thicker and stronger eyebrows and eyelashes.


Wash your face to remove all traces of makeup from your eyelashes and eyebrows.


Put a small amount of Tropical JBCO onto a mascara wand or a cotton swab. Tap off any excess oil.


Brush a thin layer of oil evenly through your eyebrows from inner to outer tip. Then use the wand/cotton swap to apply a light layer of oil to your eyelashes from root to tip.


Leave on overnight and rinse off with a mild soap in the morning before applying makeup/moisturiser.




Castor oil has been used for medicinal purposes for over four thousand years. Native to East Africa, the castor bean was introduced to Jamaica during the slave trade. The traditional method of processing the castor beans included roasting the beans, manually grinding the roasted beans and then finally boiling it to extract the 100% pure, natural castor oil. JBCO continued as a trusted homegrown treatment for hair, skin and even everyday aches and pains. It was soon recognised as a highly effective method for nourishing your scalp, thickening and strengthening hair, as well as stimulating its growth. New-found uses even include eyelash and eyebrow hair growth, and massage.

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