The Benefits of Berberine for Your Health

What if you could take just one supplement to address blood sugar balance, Poly-Cysctic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), heart health and weight woes? Enter the fabulous nutrient: Berberine.

Extracted from several plants, Berberine is an ancient compound that has been used in China as a treatment for everything from diabetes and infertility, to diarrhoea. It has since been the focus of a number of research papers, and shown to have impressive health benefits. Berberine reduces blood sugar levels, aids weight loss, improves fertility in those with PCOS, improves heart health, and more.

How Berberine Works

Whether you have diabetes or are battling with insulin resistance, you’ll know that the primary goal is to lower your blood sugar levels. Research has shown that Berberine can significantly reduce your blood sugar levels. In fact, the effect of Berberine on blood sugar levels is comparable to that of the most common diabetes medication: Metformin. 

Berberine has been shown to:

  • Reduce insulin resistance
  • Decrease glucose production in the liver
  • Slow the breakdown of carbohydrates into glucose in your gut
  • Increase the number of probiotics (beneficial bacteria) in your gut

There are anecdotal stories of people with significantly elevated blood sugar levels who have normalized them simply by taking Berberine. It is widely considered to be both safe and successful in lowering blood sugar levels.

Berberine Improves Heart Health 

Heart Disease is responsible for almost 1 in 6 deaths per day in South Africa (according to the Heart and Stroke Foundation in South Africa, 2016).  Many factors associated with heart disease can be improved by Berberine. 

Diabetes and elevated blood sugar levels are considered to be a major risk factor for heart disease, and we’ve already established that Berberine significantly improves these. Berberine has also been shown to:

  • Decrease total cholesterol levels
  • Decrease low-density lipoprotein (LDL) levels
  • Decrease triglyceride levels
  • Elevate high-density lipoprotein (HDL) levels

All of these benefits may drastically reduce your risk for heart disease in the long term.

Berberine May Boost Weight Loss

The hunt is always on for a safe and effective weight loss supplement. Berberine has been proposed as a potential nutrient to aid weight loss. It has been shown in two studies to improve weight loss when taken at doses of 300mg (leading to a BMI decrease from 31.5 to 27.4kg/m2) and 500mg (leading to a 3.6% decrease in body fat).

Berberine has established benefits for blood sugar balance, and so it has been proposed that the weight loss may be due in part to this. Other proposed mechanisms include improved functioning of fat-regulating hormones such as leptin, insulin and adiponectin. Berberine may also inhibit the growth of fat cells at a molecular level, but further research is needed to explore this mechanism.

Berberine Benefits Women with PCOS

PCOS presents as a collection of symptoms including difficulties with fertility, weight gain, insulin resistance, increased risk factors for heart disease and more. As Berberine has been shown to improve all of the above symptoms (excluding infertility), it makes sense that Berberine may be of benefit to women with PCOS. 

In a study published in the European Journal of Endocrinology, researchers examined the benefits of Berberine for women with PCOS. Women who received 500mg of Berberine, three times daily, saw greater reductions in body fat, glucose levels and insulin levels than women who were taking Metformin or a placebo. These women also experienced the heart health benefits mentioned above.

Other Benefits of Berberine and Possible Side Effects

Preliminary research has shown that taking Berberine may provide you with a number of other health benefits. These include fighting infections (from bacteria, parasites, fungi and viruses), cancer cell growth, fatty liver disease and even heart failure. 

Berberine has a good safety profile. The main side effects reported include cramping, diarrhoea, constipation and flatulence. However, it is considered safe at a dose from 500mg – 1500mg per day. If you are taking any medications or have a medical condition it is recommended that you discuss this with your doctor before taking Berberine. 

Final Thoughts

If you want to take just one supplement to address your overall health, consider taking Berberine. It is one of very few supplements that are deemed as effective as their pharmaceutical counterparts. Berberine is especially useful for people with Diabetes, PCOS and Metabolic Syndrome. Even if you are generally well however, it may still provide you with protection against chronic disease. 

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