10 Tips To Remove Toxins From Your Life

Toxins are not only harming our hormones (particularly the thyroid) they are also linked to just about every chronic illness and disease. It is almost impossible to completely avoid toxins however the following 10 tips can help you dramatically reduce your daily exposure.

1. Eat Clean

Eating clean means home-grown or organic fruit & vegetables, hormone & antibiotic-free grass-fed meat & poultry, low-mercury fish and organic nuts and seeds.

2. Drink Pure

Filter or distill your water to remove at least the majority of common toxins that are found in the water supply.

3. Clean Green

Regular household cleaning products are full of harmful chemicals. Switch to nontoxic, organic products with plant-based natural ingredients.

4. Wear Natural

Your skin absorbs all toxins found in conventional cosmetics, hair products, sunscreens and make-up. Rather use organic, natural beauty products and/or natural oils such as jojoba or coconut oil.

5. Spend Time Outdoors

Avoid polluted, urban areas where possible (or at least schedule time away from them regularly). As much as possible go for barefoot walks on the beach or in your garden, breathe fresh air and let your skin absorb natural sunlight.

6. Bring Nature Indoors

Cant get outside often enough? Bring the outside in with fresh household plants to help clean the air you breathe.

7. Cook Smart

Avoid harmful teflon cookware and prepare your food in ceramic, stainless steel or cast iron pots and pans.

8. Cook Clean

Avoid damaging vegetable fats and oils and use healthy alternatives with a high smoke point such as farm butter, ghee, grass-fed animal fat and coconut oil.

9. Sweat More

Sweating it a great way to clear toxins from your body. Get your sweat on with intense exercise, relaxing in a sauna or practising hot yoga.

10. Reduce Radiation

Over-exposure to radiation is extremely harmful to your health. Limit cell-phone use, switch off your wi-fi at night, rather dont use a microwave and if possible work at a desktop computer instead of a laptop.

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