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Werner Weber started the Youthful Living brand as a way to share his passion for the health industry. What started out as handmade nut butters in his kitchen during spare time completing his articles, soon evolved into commercial nut butter production at a certified facility.

And the Youthful Living brand hasn’t looked back since!

From health snacks and nut butters, to weight management and performance nutrition – Youthful Living believes in offering unique, high-quality and innovative healthy alternatives without compromising on flavour, fun or their signature delicious taste.

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  • Chocolates Sweets & Gum

    Vegan Yoghurt Dairy Free Bar 80g

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  • Chocolates Sweets & Gum

    Milk Chocolate Hazelnut 80g

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  • Chocolates Sweets & Gum

    Dark Chocolate Cocoa Nibs 80g

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