Values & Product Standards


We believe in the power of nature in its original state to heal the body. We will always source organic wherever possible and stock products that carry reputable organic certifications. 


Lifestyle Health believes in saying no to processed foods, hydrogenated fats and GMO. We ensure that our curated selection of products is free from artificial sweeteners, preservatives, flavors or anything else. We will likewise not sell products with hydrogenated fats, nor GMO.

We also believe in stocking supplements that are free from harmful fillers and preservatives, and strive to stock only product ranges that contain the most bio-available forms of vitamins and minerals. 


Our business believes in supporting the local economy and fellow small businesses. We will choose local brands wherever possible as long as they meet the rest of our standards. 


Lifestyle Health believes in supporting our community and in giving back. We support a number of local organizations including our original benefactor: Hearts That Hope. 


The cornerstone of Lifestyle Health is to conduct our business in a fair, honest and responsible manner. We respect our customers, suppliers and team members. In doing so, we work towards ensuring sustainable practices wherever possible. We have said goodbye to plastic bags and are committed to using recyclable materials for our shipping and packaging. 

We also encourage our suppliers to pursue environmentally conscious practices. 

At Lifestyle Health we believe in ethically sourced products, and for us this includes Beauty Without Cruelty. We will only stock body care and beauty products that are cruelty-free.

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