Stress Management

Natural solutions and advice for stress management.

Tips from the Lifestyle Health Team: Travel Essentials for a Healthy Holiday

Let’s be honest, the majority of us are working towards a holiday at any given point. Be it the weekend, the long weekend or a heavenly week or two of annual leave, we all have a mental countdown in place. Holidays are meant to be enjoyed in good health. There is nothing worse than being …

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Dopamine: Can You Boost Your Mood with a Cold Shower?

By Margaret Landman We all need a good “pick-me-up” now and again. Many of us think of a cup of coffee or tea for this. However, for a greater “lift” perhaps we should look towards increasing Dopamine? Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that enables us not only to see and anticipate rewards, but to move toward …

Dopamine: Can You Boost Your Mood with a Cold Shower? READ MORE >

7 Superfoods for Super Health

Simply put, superfoods are nutritional powerhouses that offer dense quantities of vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants, and minerals. Think of them as a small bite that packs a big nutrient-rich punch! Try mixing these seven superfoods into your summer meals to promote healthy living in these warm months:   Matcha Powder (add to smoothies, healthy desserts or …

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10 Supplements & Superfoods To Save Your Health

A properly functioning, healthy body is a gift. Something to be valued and taken great care of. However, it is a sad fact of life that you never truly appreciate good health until its gone… Fortunately, if this is you, and disease or pain has robbed you, there are powerful supplements and superfoods to help …

10 Supplements & Superfoods To Save Your Health READ MORE >

Made to Move: The Benefits of Exercise Beyond Weight Loss

By Kim Martin, RD

After a celebratory, over-indulgent evening (or weekend) most of us feel the urge (or rather guilt-induced-obligation) to do some exercise or eat a few celery sticks to ensure our waistlines do not increase!

I’m all for healthy eating and regular exercise in order to control weight, but in this article I want to present the benefits of being physically active that go beyond mere weight management or loss.

Anxious About Your Anxiety?

By Stephanie Wills

Do you often feel worried, restless, nervous or tense? Or how about you cant sleep, cant think straight or you find yourself avoiding certain social situations? If you are nodding your head, you may be suffering with an anxiety disorder. Now this term ‘anxiety’ is unfortunately used far too casually in conversations to describe general stress or simply failing to get through your to-do list. But for a vast majority of South Africans it is a very real and debilitating condition.

Typically anxiety is classified as a purely psychological disorder that can only be treated with medication. However, while short-term, temporary use of anti-anxiety meds may sometimes be warranted, they are not the ultimate answer. As with any illness, anxiety arises as the result of an underlying issue. It is always our goal at Lifestyle Health to identify this issue and then focus the treatment accordingly.

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