Buttanutt Cinnamon Macadamia 32g Sachet


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It’s impressive health benefits are not the only reason Buttanut chose this delightful spice to complement creamy macs. Cinnamon’s spicy, wooded sentimentality always takes us home. Soothing and revitalizing, we savour this butter straight from the jar, one spoonful at a time. Naughty.


ButtaNutt nut butter products are all free from added salt, preservatives and oils. All ingredients are ethically sourced and all products are made with a lot of love!



° Rich in plant protein

° Rich in vitamins and minerals

° Rich in energy 

° No added oils, salt or preservatives


Size: 32g sachet (single serving)



Store in an air-tight container & keep refrigerated.


Allergen Information

Free from salt and preservatives

Contains tree nuts

Vegan and Vegetarian



98% dry roasted macadamia nuts , 2%cinnamon powder.


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