Kids Comfort Balm 50ml


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Caress the skin with a gentle kiss

Kids Comfort Balm

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Caress the skin with a gentle kiss

Kids Comfort Balm 

 This is a very special blend formulated to nourish, calm and soothe all at the same time.



Assists with 

° Abrasions

° Allergic reactions (bee stings, etc)

° Bites (insect, spider, etc)

° Bleeding

° Bruising

° Carbuncles

° Chicken pox pustules and itch

° Chilblains

° Circumcision wounds

° Cradle cap

° Cuticle repair

° Cuts

° Dry skin

° Infantile eczema

° Fungal growths and infection

° Measles rash

° Minor burns

° Nappy rash

° Prickly heat

° Rashes (general)

° Scarring

° Sepsis

° Shaving rash

° Splinters

° Stings (including bees and sea creatures)

° Styes

° Sunburn

° Urticaria

° Whitlows

° Windburn

° Wound

° Wrinkles


Size: 50ml 


Allergen Information 

100% Natural 



*Beeswax contains Vitamin E; *

Do Not place within the eye – beeswax is granular; *Beeswax contains prostaglandins which are a source of natural cortisone.

This balm reacts against chemically produced cortisone.



Beeswax, castor oil, apricot kernel oil, shea butter, natural raspberry and TLC (immeasurable).




Bee Wise

Bee Wise is a 100% natural product made locally in South Africa from bees wax and a secret combination of quality, natural ingredients. Bee Wise is manufactured solely to produce good.

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