Naked Collagen Plus Sachet – Single 11.3g


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Pure Hydrolysed Beauty Collagen® with Buffered Vitamin C and LactoSpore® Probiotics

Beauty Collagen® reaches the necessary parts of the body quickly, with maximum results.


What really makes a quality collagen shine is carefully selected supporting ingredients – in proven ratios. So Beauty Gen combined 10 g of Beauty Collagen® with 1000 mg buffered vitamin C and 1 billion CFU heat-stable LactoSpore® probiotics to create this premium collagen supplement with enhanced beauty and wellness benefits.



° Slows the ageing process by enhancing hair, skin, nails and joint health.

° Improves collagen synthesis, production and density.

° Reduces wrinkle appearance while increasing skin hydration and elasticity.

° Targets inflammation, pigmentation, hair loss and premature ageing.

° Strengthens the immune system, helping to alleviate skin issues and improve overall health.


Size: 11.3g



Stir into 100ml water or juice

Mix into oats or soup 

Blend into smoothies 

Add into tea or coffee 


Allergen Information 


This product was produced in a facility thta uses nuts, wheat (gluten), eggs, dairy & soy. 



Pure hydrolysed Beauty Collagen® (Type I, bovine), Buffered Vitamin C (calcium ascorbate), LactoSpore® Bacillus Coagulans 


Nutritional Information 

Serving size is 1 sachet 


Per 100g 11,3g
Energy (kJ) 1354 153
Energy (kCal) 319 36
Protein (g) 79,6 9
Total Carbohydrate (g) 0 0
Total Fat (g) 0 0
Sodium (g) 0 0
Vitamin C (mg) 504 57
Vitamin C (mg) 8850 1000
Pure Hydrolysed Collagen (mg) 88496 10000
LactoSpore® (Billion CFU) 8,8 1



Beauty Gen

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