Ginger & Lemon Kombucha 340ml


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Brew Kombucha adds a ginger kick and lemon tang to their Rooibos Kombucha, to get your gut health up and your immune system firing!

This great addition to the Brew Kombucha range might be the best one yet! 
Ginger and Lemon are known to have wonderful health benefits, so when teamed with the sparkling energy culture of a perfectly fermented Brew Kombucha, you have a delicious drink that packs a powerful healthy punch! 
Ginger is known to improve digestive health, reduce inflammation and combat nausea. If cold-pressed ginger isn’t enough to make you feel good, we add fresh lemon for a great kombucha twist for your enjoyment. 



  • Certified Organic
  • Certified Kosher
  • Supports digestive health, may reduce inflammation and reduce nausea


Size: 340ml



(This is unpasteurized Kombucha, please keep it refrigerated.)



Brew Kombucha

Certified Organic to bring you the purist Kombucha which cares for the environment of your body, but also caring for the environment in which we all live, so you can make a positive impact too.

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