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A homeopathic remedy for acute migraine headaches and hormonal headaches.


A homeopathic remedy for acute migraine headaches and hormonal headaches.



° Useful for migraines


Size: 30 pillules



One dose is 3-5 pillules sucked under the tongue in a clean mouth. This applies to adults, children and animals alike.

At the first sign of an impending migraine, dose every 15 mins until response occurs (no more than 3-4 doses). Reduce dosing interval to 1- 2 hourly until relief is obtained, thereafter every 4-6 hours as needed for no more than 3-5 days.

For recurrent or very severe migraines, consult with a homeopath or health practitioner.



For those taking blood thinning agents, together with this remedy, there is a low risk of affecting the clotting process in sensitive individuals



Belladonna 200c – Sudden onset with intense throbbing headache that is worse from slightest noise, jarring, motion, light, lying down and the least exertion. Better lying on bed with head up high on pillows, preferably in the dark. Severe pain and fullness especially in forehead and temples.

Bryonia 30c – Intense splitting headache, feels like head is about to burst. Heavy head, nausea and dizziness on sitting up. Made worse by: movement, even of eyes, coughing, stooping. Made better by: pressure, closing eyes, lying down.

Gelsemium 30c – Heaviness of head, band-like sensation. Characteristic heaviness of eyelids and moving eyeballs is painful. Muscular soreness of neck and shoulders. Headache may be preceded by visual disturbances.

Ipecacuanha 30c – Migraine headache with severe nausea & vomiting. Feels as if head and skull are crushed and bruised.

Iris versicolor 30c – Classic migraine with visual aura, spots before the eyes, shimmering or blurred vision, dizziness and vomiting. Scalp feels constricted with band-like sensation. Migraines often initiated when relaxing after mental strain, especially on weekends.

Kali bichromicum 30c – Severe pain with visual disturbances before the migraine. Migraine with or from sinusitis.

Natrum muriaticum 6c – A key remedy in headaches and migraines. Sensations: ike hammers beating the head,  as though head would burst, heavy head, feels too large, pressing from both sides as if in a vice. Headaches often brought on by reading and eye strain. May be periodic, with menses. May have visual disturbances and vomiting.

Sepia 30c – Migraine associated with hormones, pregnancy and menstruation.





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