AlgaeCal Plant Calcium 90c


AlgaeCal is simply powdered Marine Algae containing an entire spectrum of plant nutrients, large quantities of Calcium and Magnesium, plus 73 trace mineral.

The extensive porosity of AlgaeCal’s plant-sourced minerals dramatically increases the surface area and “ionic potential” of the minerals as opposed to the solid crystalline form.

Patent pending AlgaeCal is from a marine algae, Algas Calcareas.sp, that grows wild in the ocean waters of South America. Washed by the tides onto the shore, the tennis ball sized algae are handpicked live one by one by local fishermen and then sun dried. It’s Mother Nature at her best, providing a natural nutrient cocktail that wards off brittle bones.

AlgaeCal is more than a rich calcium source – it also contains large amounts of Magnesium and bone supporting trace minerals including Boron, Silica, Strontium and Vanadium – and all are plant derived for bio-availability!





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