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Are Anti-Nutrients to be Avoided at All Times?

Digesting your meal isn’t always easy. This is because many plant foods contain “anti-nutrients”. Anti-nutrients are substances that block the absorption of nutrients from your meal. They are beneficial for the plant itself as they serve to against from bacterial infections and being eaten by insects.  The concern however is whether anti-nutrients will inhibit our ability to take quality nutrition from our meal.

How to Eat Your Way to Better Mental Health

If you’ve ever witnessed a toddler tantrum after they’ve hit a sugar-low, you’ll know that poor food choices can impact mental health. What we put into our mouths really matters and choosing a diet rich in wholefoods is key to improving mental health. We should really consider food as the basis of not just our physical wellbeing, but our mental wellbeing throughout our lives.

Taking Care of Your Liver

The liver is responsible for producing proteins, cholesterol and bile, and for storing vitamins, minerals and even carbohydrate. It also breaks down ingested toxins such as medications, alcohol and natural byproducts of your metabolism. Taking care of your liver is vital to stay healthy.

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