Advanced Collagen Booster 30 Sachets


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A small but mighty vegan collagen booster with game-changing DracoBelle Nu™, Opti-MSM and Biotin.

After years of research and several formulations, our newest member of the Noa & Co family is here. Meet the first clinically-backed vegan collagen booster in South Africa! With a powerful trio of anti-ageing extracts and a multi-strain probiotic, now anyone can support healthier skin, hair and gut with zero carbs or animal products. Available in convenient 5g sachets, our fast-dissolving Advanced Collagen Booster can be enjoyed at home or on the go by simply adding it to water, juice or even a smoothie for a dose of the good stuff with none of the nasties. 



° Vegan-friendly
° Zero carbs
° Hydrating coconut water powder
° Multi-strain probiotic for a healthy digestive tract
° Ethically sourced
° Powerful antiaging extracts DracoBelle Nu™ and Opti-MSM for an all-in-one hair, skin, and nail supplement like no other
° Dissolves easily in your choice of cold beverage (we don’t recommend coffee)
° Free from all animal products, gluten, soy, sugar, GMO, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and colourants


Size: Pack of 30 sachets



These convenient and fast-dissolving 5g sachets are best enjoyed in your water, juice or smoothie of choice. (We just don’t recommend hot drinks, though).



Coconut water powder, Opti-MSM (methylsulfonylmethane – 500mg), DracoBelleTM Nu (200mg), Probiotics (Lactobacillus acidophilus Bifidobacterium longum Bifidobacterium bifidum Bifidobacterium lactis – 20mg), Zinc (15mg), Biotin (100mcg).


Nutrition Information

Serving size: 5g

Number of servings: 30

Amount Per 100g Amount Per Serving
Energy (kJ) 1139 57
Protein 0 0
Carbohydrates 0 0
of which sugar 0 0
Fat 1.2 0.1
of which saturate 1.2 0.1
of which unsaturated 0 0
Fibre 0 0
Sodium 0 0



Noa & Co

Noa: Japanese Kanji meaning “my love” Greater than the love we show to others is the love we show ourselves. This can be found in the choices we make daily and by refusing to settle for nothing less than what we deserve. Our bodies need this most and what we put in is most certainly what we’re going to get out. It’s why all Noa & Co products are sustainably sourced and of the highest quality so that you never have to settle for anything other than superior supplements made with love. Every one of the Noa & Co products has been expertly created with the help of professionals to ensure plant-based, family-friendly products suitable for all walks of life. At Noa & Co they are professional athletes, pregnant moms, young adults, hard-working dads and even children with one thing in common: to be the best version of themselves.

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