Salt of the Earth Psyllium Husk 100g


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Pure, soluble fibre – exceptional digestive aid 



  • Tasteless. 
  • “Go-to” fibre for anyone on a low-carb diet or for those who safely want to take a non-gluten-containing fibre.  
  • Great for weight loss.
  • Great for constipation and diarrhoea, feeds the beneficial flora, and is non-addictive. 
  • Great as a fibre supplement.
  • It reduces appetite without over-stimulating the nervous system; a much healthier approach than formulas containing ephedra, mineral oils or drugs, all of which may cause dependence.
  • For every 100g psyllium you receive 71g soluble fibre; a similar amount of oat bran would contain only 5g of soluble fibre, be much higher in carbohydrates, have gluten present, and possibly make you tired an hour after eating it.
  • Psyllium also has the advantage over other sources of fibre of reducing flatulence and bloating. Studies and clinical reports suggest that psyllium may enhance the sensation of fullness and reduce hunger cravings. For those simply wishing to improve digestion and intestinal tract health, a single teaspoon per day is all that is needed.



Size: 100g 



Take once or twice daily with plenty of water. NB: Sufficient water is essential with this product



Please keep away from children as this may cause choking if not taken with sufficient water.


Nutritional Information 

1 serving = 2 teaspoons (4g) or more


Average values per 100g
Energy (kj) 776    Per 4g: 31
Protein (g) 1.4                  0.1
Glycemic carbohydrates  0.0
of which total sugars (g)  0.0
Total fat (g) 0.0
Dietary fibre (g) 81g/100g –  Per 4g : 3.4g
Sodium (mg) 0.0



Salt of the Earth

Salt of the Earth is a shop that outsources health and organic products for your simple, yet profound, health solutions. They help ordinary folk make subtle lifestyle changes that have huge benefits for holistic well-being. Salt of the Earth products don’t treat symptoms; they feed your cells, and allow your body to rejuvenate naturally- as nature intended it to be.

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