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Hormones, not food are what really make you fat! Gluten intolerance can harm the
thyroid even more. Heavy metal toxicity combined with meal skipping or starvation sets
off a secondary thyroid response: reverse thyroid hormone (RT3) that actively resists fuel
burning and encourages fat accumulation. Some foods are low in kilojoules, like cabbage,
kale and broccoli; but they are goitrogenic: meaning they inhibit the thyroid output and
slow down your metabolism. PCOS: PCOS or the polycystic ovarian syndrome is a cluster
of symptoms, beginning with insulin resistance. It causes a rise in DHT
(dihydrotestosterone) and releases it directly into the bloodstream. This hormone can
cause weight gain, infertility, adult acne and balding or beard hair and ovaries that
enlarge into cysts. It is caused by eating more sugar and refined carbohydrates than the
pancreas can handle at one time. 

Cortisol is an anabolic steroid hormone and opposes fat burning. When we are constantly
stressed, the excess cortisol we generate causes the waistline to expand, resulting in the
“apple shape”. Inflammatory responses, insulin resistance and systemic acidity take their
toll. Insulin resistance and leptin resistance go and in hand, and so do carbohydrate and
sugar cravings. Eating or not eating then causes one to become helplessly, morbidly
obese. Sound familiar?



  • Supports weight management
  • Supports insulin sensitivity


Size: 50 capsules



Morning: 1 capsule before breakfast

Lunchtime: 1 capsule before lunch



This medicine has not been evaluated by the Medicines Control Council. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness.


Nutrition Information

Serving size: 1 capsule

Number of servings: 50

1 vegicap contains:

  • 100mg Coleus Forskohlii (12%)
  • 100mg Cinnamon extract
  • 100mg L-Glycine
  • 50mg Nettle herb
  • 30mg Milk Thistle herb
  • 14.3mg Elemental zinc AAC
  • 20mg Liquorice root
  • 1.5mg Chromium polynicotinate



Nature Fresh

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