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Ox bile improves fat assimilation and is therefore popular with paleo and keto dieters.

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Ox bile improves fat assimilation and is therefore popular with palio and keto dieters. It augments the functions performed by bile and supports the biotransformation and elimination of bilirubin. In cases where bile production is deficient, ox bile helps in toxin removal, fat-soluble vitamin absorption and increases gut and microbiome integrity .Ox bile is involved in the prevention and reduction of gallstones formed by cholesterol and mediates liver cholesterol production. It is especially necessary as support in cases of gall bladder removal.



In cases where bile production is deficient:

  • Supports toxin removal
  • Supports the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins
  • Increases gut microbiome integrity


Size: 60 capsules



Take 1-2 capsules per day, or take as prescribed by your healthcare practitioner.



Ox-Bile Extract 130mg.





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